Who We Are

Girls Read for Girls is a read-a-thon fundraiser that aims to raise awareness about gender equity issues, generate funds in support of efforts to empower girls through education, and inspire young people to make changes in their community.

We go to great schools. We feel confident, safe and respected. Every day we learn from parents, teachers and other adults who push us to think broadly about the world and ask big, hard questions.  We are encouraged to read what we want, plan our futures and pursue our interests. We know that we will have real opportunities to keep learning and to participate fully in our society. We believe this is how the world should be for all girls everywhere.

When young women are denied an education because of social, economic, cultural or political factors, the world loses one of its most powerful resources for progress and change.

We are inspired by Malala Yousafzai and want to show our support for her and all the people who show tremendous courage in the fight for girls’ education. That’s why we organized the Girls Read for Girls read-a-thon. We hope you’ll join us.

Please go to our Mission and Stats page to learn more about why and how we do what we do, and to find out more about the amazing event that takes place.