Who is organizing the Brooklyn Read-A-Thon?
We are a group of Brooklyn girls. We go to great schools. We feel confident, safe and respected. Every day we learn from parents, teachers and other adults who push us to think broadly about the world and ask big, hard questions. We believe this is how the world should be for all girls everywhere. We are thrilled to be working with many amazing partner organizations.

Why are we organizing this event?
We believe that when young women are denied an education because of social, economic, cultural or political factors, the world loses one of its most powerful resources for progress and change.  We are inspired by courage and vision of Malala Yousafzai, and want to show our support for her and all the people who show tremendous courage in the fight for girls’ education. 

All proceeds of the 2017 Girls Read for Girls Read-A-Thon will benefit The Malala Fund, which supports girls’ education and empowerment in Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan and Kenya.

Who can participate? Can boys come?
 Yes! We encourage all kids in grades K to 8 to join us as readers.  Older and younger siblings, parents, caring adults and other friends are very welcome! 

Do I need to register in advance?
Register here or just showing up on Nov. 5th is totally fine!

How does fundraising work?
Participants will be reading before the event. First, determine your reading goal. Then ask supporters for a per-page-pledge. (A pledge sheet and sample solicitation e-mail are available on our website.) The easiest thing is to ask your supporters to contribute online via credit card. If you collect contributions in advance (checks made payable to the Malala Fund), you can bring them on November 15. We will make sure they get to the Malala Fund.  After the event, supporters can contribute online or you can send checks directly to the Malala Fund. Just be sure to write Brooklyn Girls Read for Girls in the memo line.  

What will happen at the event?
Come to the museum a few minutes before 3:00 to check in. We will kick off the event with a short program that offers some great entertainment and learning opportunities. Check out will start around 3:30.

What's a school leader?
We recruit people in schools across Brooklyn to spread the word about GRG and get people to come or donate! If you want to be a school leader, email us at brooklyngirlsreadforgirls@gmail.com.